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Wet N Wild


Product Rendering, Beauty, Advertising

Wild Crush Palette Variations

We create High-quality 3D product renderings for the Wild Crush palette by Wet N Wild. The client required realistic and visually appealing renderings of four different palette variations: Cocoa (brown), Passion (purple), Cherry (red), and Honey (yellow).

Key Features:

Realistic Texturing: Each palette variation was meticulously textured to accurately represent the colors and materials, ensuring lifelike and appealing visuals.
Lighting and Shading: Applied advanced lighting techniques to highlight the product's features and make the colors pop, giving the renderings a vibrant and attractive look.
Detailed Modeling: Focused on capturing the intricate details of the palettes, including the packaging design, color placement, and branding elements.
Multiple Angles: Provided renderings from various angles to showcase the product comprehensively, aiding in marketing and promotional efforts.
High Resolution: Delivered in high resolution for use across different media platforms, from online stores to print advertisements.
This project demonstrates my expertise in 3D product rendering, ensuring that each variation of the Wild Crush palette was depicted accurately and beautifully to meet the client's marketing needs.

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