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3D Printing, Sculpt

Druid Character for 3D Print

This project involved creating a detailed 3D model of a druid character for 3D printing. The client, sourced through Upwork, required a high-quality, intricate design that captured the essence of a mystical forest druid.

Key Features:

Detailed Sculpting: Emphasis on fine details such as the character's robes, staff, and natural elements like leaves and vines.
High Resolution: Ensured the model was optimized for 3D printing with a high polygon count for smooth and accurate prints.
Pose and Expression: The character was designed in a dynamic pose to convey motion and personality, with a serene and wise expression.
Print Ready: Delivered in a format ready for 3D printing, with all necessary supports and structural integrity considered.
This project highlights my ability to work closely with clients to bring their unique visions to life, ensuring the final product is both visually stunning and functionally robust for 3D printing.

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