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3D Printing, Product Rendering, Sculpt, Furniture

Camel Race Frame with Sand Texture

I had the opportunity to design a 3D model of a Camel Race Frame, complete with realistic sand textures, for a client on Upwork. The goal was to create a dynamic and visually engaging piece that captures the essence of a desert camel race.

Key Features:

Dynamic Composition: Crafted a lively scene with camels in mid-race, capturing the movement and excitement of the race.
Realistic Sand Texture: Applied detailed sand textures to the base to enhance realism and provide a strong visual contrast to the camels.
Attention to Detail: Focused on the intricate details of the camels and their harnesses, ensuring each element was accurate and lifelike.
Optimized for Print: The model was carefully prepared for 3D printing, ensuring all elements were structurally sound and ready for production.
Versatile Angles: Rendered the frame from multiple perspectives to showcase its depth and detail, perfect for both digital and physical displays.
Working on this project allowed me to blend creativity with technical skill, resulting in a piece that brings the vibrant energy of a camel race to life.

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